‘Another SPORT is possible ?!.’

SPORT must be continuously contested and we must construct channels and outlets for agency and transformation in and around these structures. We must engage with the ever-changing conditions in SPORT in multifaceted ways, while maintaining passion for sport - circumventing its tendency to normalize us. SPORT has the great potential to create community, solidarity, and collective action and produce subversive and free bodies; while it simultaneously has the ability to oppress and normalize.

We do not have prescribed solutions for change, but we do have evolving recipes that we see emerging through our work that can fill a gap. By creating spaces, connecting, cross-pollinating and generating synergies between artists, athletes, activists, and academics working at the intersection of SPORT from critical and creative approaches, we know alternative futures will be imagined and materialized. One thing we know about those futures is that they will not be hegemonic– they will be resilient and diverse.

We believe that if SPORT fulfills the following criteria outlined in this manifesto, it can embody its positive potential. We demand in/with/through sport: to democratize SPORT to a human-centered field. Another SPORT/world is possible.