OPEN CALL: #FANin2050 (deadline November 6th)

Submitted by zeljko on Mon, 10/22/2018 - 12:28
FANin2050 mascot evolution draft

What will it mean to be a football fan in ...
... 2050? 2040? 2030? 2020?

WHY: Football is critically acclaimed as one of the last bastions of white male mass culture. It is in urgent need to be re-calibrated for the 21st century, a future that can make diversities out of differences, participation out of privileges and think about intersections that go beyond just sporadic inclusions. In the context of this massive fan-centered sport, let's think about: What is the future identity of a football fan? What can we project towards 2050? 2040? 2030? 2020?

#FANin2050 is inspired by #theTeam2050 project and a part of activities inside of innovative partnerships project between Timelab, KAA Gent Foundation, vzw Jong and ccSPORT, involving individual contributors and participants.

WHAT: We invite you develop and draw up Poster and social media concepts, that is to inform and inspire (present & future) KAA GENT Fans/Supporters ! But also to exchange and develop ideas with other thinkers and doers, for the mini-campaign towards a conference of Fan/Supporters thematically framed over the future of Fan identity!

HOW: E-mail with a visuals for poster/media, your short bio, background info and motivation (max. one A4 of font size 11 + max. 2 media files) before 1st of November 2018. After us processing your inputs, you will be provided with a procedure and access to an environment for coordination and co-creation of proposals from shared ideas and/or concepts. Decisions of acceptance and support will be based on a joint sense possible impact, resonance with context, potential for production in November 2018. In ethical terms, we are guided by principles of commoning, open/free content and expect participants to join in P2P sharing, care and collaboration. Project participants of realized projects will be compensated for creative work on poster production with 200eur and for commiting workday for community work/development of concepts another 100eur. FB page is following activities in developing informative and hopefully inspirational inputs to the KAA GENT Fan/Supporter conference (plenum) from the less heard, critical and creative voices.

For more info and updates look up: Timelab is a hotbed for makers, thinkers and doers. It does this by providing time and space, tools and methods, in a community of people co-creating through weekly operations and regular workshops, with seasonal camps and thematic residencies. Timelab is located in Ghent (Belgium). Timelab is supported by the Flemish Community and the city of Ghent