#FANin2050 - The future of KAA GENT fan/supporter identity?

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What will it mean to be a football fan in ...
Football is critically acclaimed as one of the last bastions of white male mass culture. It is in urgent need to be re-calibrated for the 21st century, a future that can make diversities out of differences, participation out of privileges and think intersections beyond just sporadic inclusions. In the context of this massive fan-centered sport, let's think about:
What is the future identity of a football fan?
What can we project towards 2050/2040/2030/2020?

50 years after and it is still that #NonWhiteAthletesStretchNormsBetter

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Image removed. Iconic moment when gold medalist Tommie Smith (center) and bronze medalist John Carlos (right) showing the raised fist on the podium after the 200 m race at the 1968 Summer Olympics; both wear Olympic Project for Human Rights badges.

… QueerCheer for Croatia possible?!

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Today is the final match of the 2018 Mundial. FIFA Football World Cup 2018 in Russia is closing with the match of France vs. Croatia, that is to determine if a small miracle of Croatia-as-finalist is to extend to Croatia taking the golden trophy. Against the odds this kind of underdog nation in elite football kept picking up sympathies of all over the world and is now much supported against established super power France.

SWISS #theTeam2050

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Following the acts of Swiss national team players, its interpretation in media and statement by officials about finishing with bi-national players https://twitter.com/faznet/status/1015279962696421376 
...one needs to think: If you are Swiss who will you cheer for in 2050? #theTeam2050#SwissBiNationalisms

Source files: https://goo.gl/9ksrba

Ghent FamilyDay / Gezinsdag promotes Diversity Kickertable workshop

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On Ghent FamilyDay / Gezinsdag in street action "Elk gezin anders , allemaal Gent" of Rainbow Network Ghent with our partner vzw Jong promotes Diversity Kickertable workshop (contact on kickertables@qsport.info) that is planned for second part of 2018  as innovative partnership project in Ghent. 


Poster in Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg

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Last week we meet up at amazing Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg (The State History Museum) with Dr. Sebastian Dörfler curator of HAUS EUROPA section who took the poster into collection and is planing to have it in display from June. This postmodernist architecture gem is place to be discovered from within also...
"Von Napoleon bis TTIP: Der 2016 komplett neu gestaltete Ausstellungsteil zeigt, welche Bedeutung Europa für das Leben der Menschen in Baden-Württemberg hatte und hat."
...we hope to follow-up and meet again in June!